Prayer Centers of America starts new daily blog

Prayer Centers of America, headquartered at 906 N. Water St. Bay City, MI has recently started a new blog. The new blog features daily “God Moments” that take place at the Prayer Center. Founder Trevor Winchell and Co-Founder Jason Laplant said that God put it on their hearts about a week ago to start “blogging” all the daily “God Moments” on this blog.

What are God moments to you? What would you define as a God moment? Is it just something you feel? A time where you feel emotionally good about God? Or is it something deeper than that? A connection to God that runs deeper within you?

The first major blog post was about something that took place just this past weekend…

This past weekend, we experienced some true moments with God that were definitely far beyond an emotional “feeling”. They were clearly visible moments of God’s direct involvement with people and circumstances around us here at the Prayer Center. They were a connection to God that all of us that were here experienced on a very deep level that showed God’s awesomeness and greatness in new and powerful ways. Moments that can ONLY be described as God Moments.

You can Click Here to read the full story.

This blog will be used as a means to journal daily event and “god Moments” that take place at the prayer center. You can visit the Prayer Centers of America blog here:

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