Prayer Centers of America – Bay City, MI – Grand Opening!

The grand opening took place this past Friday evening in Bay City.

It was a grand opening that will offer a place to pray outside of a formal church setting.

A few weeks ago, Trevor Winchell was walking down North Water Street in Bay City, MI when he saw a vacant storefront.

“Had a feeling of calm, peace come over me,” he said. “Almost went to my knees.”

A few days later, the Dow DuPont information technology worker felt led to open a prayer center and that building not far from the Saginaw River came to mind. He called the owner.

“He said that would be an amazing idea and that building would be perfect for it,” Winchell said.

So in just a few weeks, Prayer Centers of America in Bay City became a reality.

“Prayer has always been my thing,” Winchell said.

Winchell, who describes himself as an evangelist, has lined up donations and volunteers to furnish and staff the prayer center.

“This place will be a community place for people to come pray, fellowship with others,” he said. “They can come and have a coffee. We are going to have free coffee, tea, water. They can read their Bible here.”

Winchell said this will not be a church.

“A lot of people have a lot of bad experiences at church and are hesitant to check out another church,” he said. “This place will be a judgement free place, where they can come and not worry about acting a certain way, looking a certain way.”

Even those who aren’t prayerful will be welcome.

“They need someone to talk to, some kind of inspiration,” he said. “They can come here and one of us — one of the volunteers — will sit down and talk with them.”

Winchell will start with this prayer center, but plans on starting more.

“We are going to move to Midland and Saginaw and then eventually statewide, country-wide,” he said. “That is the vision God has given me.”

By Terry Camp – ABC 12 News

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