Why it’s important to do Devotions with Your Little Ones

Chuck Colson once said to me, “By age 10, your children’s moral compass is pretty well set.”

His wisdom confirmed what Jean and I already believed from our earliest days of parenting: we only had a few short years to impart biblical wisdom and a love for Jesus to our two boys. It’s a task that we’ve taken seriously ever since. But we also discovered early that “serious” doesn’t have to mean “dull” or “boring.”

Thankfully, there’s no magical “one way” for moms and dads to pass their faith on to their children. The Daly household is like that.

Jean prefers formal times of Scripture reading and devotion. She can whip up a lesson with the creativity and skill of a schoolteacher, and my boys have always responded well to that.

I’m more of a spontaneous character and a little more loose. I like to chat with my boys about the Bible when we’re engaged in routine activities. Sometimes that’s in the car on the way to school. Sometimes that’s when we’re just hanging out together at home.

The point is, however you go about life, bring the presence of God into it.

You may be asking, “Yeah, but how can I do that practically speaking?”

That’s the question we get from a lot of busy moms and dads with young kids, and Jonathan and Kanika Evans have some great ideas on that subject.

They’re the hard-working parents of four children under the age of eight, and they’re with us in our studios today to offer encouragement and practical help to moms and dads with young families just like theirs.

They’ll help you understand how to set a moral compass for your children, how to avoid conflict, and how to make your family devotions effective.

Source: focusonthefamily.com

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