ANNOUNCEMENT: Aud Dagny Hagen as co founder and CEO of CNW

Today Christian News Worldwide Founder and chairman Trevor A. Winchell announced the appointment of Aud Dagny Hagen as co founder and CEO.  Trevor explains that about two months ago God spoke to him and inspired him to start a Christian news company. As Trevor started the site and began to post news articles he found it to be very overwhelming and very time consuming with his already busy schedule.  The first week of December 2017 Trevor had decided to back off posting news articles on CNW but he did not realize that God had other plans.

The addition of Aud Dagny Hagen as co founder and CEO of CNW is totally a God send and Gods will in action. Aud Dagny Hagen grew up in Erfjord Norway and she brings years of news, media and journalism experience to the table. There is nobody in this world better for this job and God’s plan is unfolding as we speak. Aud Dagny is the co founder and CEO of CNW effective immediately but she won’t actually start working until later in the month of January 2018.

Trevor has said that he is not only very humbled by the addition of Aud Dagny Hagen as co founder and CEO of CNW he is also very grateful and he said that he knows this is all God’s doing. Trevor is very excited to see God’s will and God’s plan in action in 2018.

Trevor would like to officially congratulate Aud Dagny Hagen as co founder and CEO of Christian News Worldwide.

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